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7 Reasons for a Symbolic Wedding Ceremony

The photograph shows a wedding with two brides. The brides are holding hands, behind them is a marriage celebrant in front of a wedding ceremony frame.

The weddings life cycle celebrants officiate are not legally binding. In countries like Germany, they often replace a church wedding and offer a ceremonial alternative. If you are wondering whether such a wedding is what you are looking for, I compiled seven reasons for you!

  1. These weddings are your ceremonies! As wedding celebrant, I provide advice and support you when we create your wedding ceremony, but all decisions are yours: the ceremony is about you and it should mirror your personality.

  2. You can freely choose your celebrant. It's your choice. There are so many life cycle celebrants out there and you will surely find the one who is right for you. Who will create your ceremony exactly as you wish, who shares your values, who suits you.

  3. You are flexible! Wedding celebrants can wed you all over the world and at any time.

  4. It's getting personal ... To really get to know you, life cycle celebrants will meet you a few times before your wedding.

  5. ... and unique. Your love is unique. And your wedding is going to be as unique. You can and should laugh and cry!

  6. Your guests are part of the ceremony. Individual contributions, a symbolic act, the speech: wedding celebrants can include your guests in various ways and they won't be just observing.

  7. Wedding ceremonies with life cycle celebrants are for everyone—even for those who aren't included in marriage laws. It's not important whether the law allows you to get marry. If you live in a country where you can't get married, but still want to do your wedding vows, you can do it in a ceremony with a life cycle celebrant. If you live in a polyamorous relationship and want to get married to all of your partners, you can say yes in a wedding ceremony with a life cycle celebrant.

There are probably another 387 reasons. But maybe, seven are enough for now.

This photograph was taken by Pattuska Weddings during a portfolio day organized by Pattuska Weddings and Yasemin Schiffer (Schiffer Event Agency). You'll find the entire list of vendors on my Instagram account.


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