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5 Tips for Your Wedding Vows

Between the marriage rites of your wedding celebrant and the exchange of your rings, you can declare your love for each other in front of your families and friends. This is the time to make promises about your future together, or to point out what you find so special about the other person(s).

a male person holds his wedding vows. we only see a torso, focused on the belly, with the bound vows in his left hand. he is wearing a gray suit jacket, a white shirt, and a black watch on his left wrist. He is holding someone's hand. That person seems to be reading from their wedding vows, but we only see part of the bound vows.

  1. Discuss the approximate length of your marriage vows with each other and/or your wedding officiant—this prevents an imbalance.

  2. Your own words are the most beautiful: listen to your heart. What makes the other person(s) so special? What have you been through together? What are you thankful for, what are you looking forward to?

  3. It doesn't have to be serious at all the time—laughter should be a part of every wedding!

  4. Write your vows down—preferably on paper. Maybe you even have custom stationery for your wedding? Then be sure to ask for vow books!

  5. Enjoy the moment! This moment is about you, your love, your shared future. While the idea of putting your feelings into words in front of others may seem intimidating at first, vows are always one of the highlights of any symbolic wedding ceremony!

Your wedding vows can be a very special moment for you—and your guests! But they should feel right for you. If you would rather sing a song, dance, or do nothing*: that is the right decision. Your wedding is your day and you should plan this day in a way that it reflects you and your relationship.

Want to read your vows to each other, but not in front of everyone? Then do it alone: at your first look, after the ceremony, or in the evening when the party is over.

*You could also do a clown performance. But I would rather excuse myself for that.

This photograph was taken by Pattuska Weddings during a portfolio day organized by Pattuska Weddings and Yasemin Schiffer Events. You'll find the entire list of vendors on my Instagram account.


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