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A lesbian wedding couple during their symbolic wedding ceremony with their queer celebrant / officiant at their boho beach wedding. Lesbisches Hochzeitspaar während ihrer freien Trauung mit ihrer queeren Traurednerin / Hochzeitsrednerin / freien Rednerin bei ihrer Boho-Strandhochzeit.


Bold Weddings & Events

Queer intercultural couple holding colorful wedding bouquets from sustainable flowers. Queeres interkulturelles Hochzeitspaar hält bunte Hochzeitssträuße aus nachhaltigen Blumen.
I plan your wedding.
I speak at your ceremonies.
Inclusive and sustainable.

For the LGBTIQ+ community and our friends.
All cultures, bodies, and abilities.


Your life is an adventure. Whatever you do.

Inclusive wedding planner lightening candles for a Viking inspired dark wedding. Inklusive Hochzeitsplaner:in entzündet Kerzen für Wikinger:innen-inspirierte dunkle Hochzeit.
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