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Lesbian wedding couple is laughing during their symbolic wedding ceremony. Their queer celebrant / officiant is in the background. Lesbisches Hochzeitspaar lacht während ihrer freien Trauung. Ihre queere Traurednerin / Hochzeitsrednerin / freie Rednerin ist im Hintergrund.

Welcome to my
Weddings and Events!

Let us create your next adventure together.

My name is Cora and my pronouns are she/they.

I live in Cologne, but I'm here for you worldwide—wherever you need me!

My Passions

my partner Carina
LGBTIQ+ issues

intersectional feminism
cultures—I have a Ph.D. in cultural anthropology
learning new languages
traveling & exploring
books, books, books!
nature & hiking
vegan food—particularly Thai & Indian

Why inclusive events?

As a queer, genderfluid person, I know how important it is to work with vendors who respect and accept me for who I am.

Life cycle ceremonies, particularly weddings, are still dominated by heteronormative standards. But even beyond that, I'm working to create inclusive weddings, with accessible venues and vendors open to intercultural ideas.


The ceremonies we create together will be different and inclusive—they can be anything you want. They will be your traditions.

My Qualifications

Training as life cycle celebrant with IHK (German chamber of commerce) certificate (February 17, 2022) and certification of persons (2022-2025)
Additional qualification as pet funeral celebrant

Training as wedding planner with IHK certificate (May 30, 2023)

since 2011, I regularly speak at university courses, international conferences, and as a language teacher and organize events

Cora Gaebel
Certified Life Cycle Celebrant (IHK, ZFR)
Wedding Planner (IHK)
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