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Ein lesbisches Hochzeitspaar küsst sich vor einem Traubogen mitten im Wald. Die Traurednerin und die Sängerin stehen auf beiden Seiten des Paares und klatschen. A lesbian wedding couple are kissing in front of a wedding arch in the middle of a forest. The wedding celebrant and the singer stand on either side of the couple and clap.

Facebook Group

The Facebook group LGBTIQ+-Hochzeiten: Queer Weddings is a platform for all LGBTIQ+ people who want to marry or who offer their services as wedding vendors.

In this group, you can get in touch with others and find vendors for your wedding!

Please don't be shy and ask your questions in English too!

(We're still small, but that doesn't mean there aren't some really great people in our group already!)

Inclusivity Workshops

All rainbow washing?

You are a wedding vendor and want to offer your services in a more inclusive way. Then you are in the right place! I can support you to identify (potential) problems and to achieve real inclusivity—beyond LGBTIQ+ issues.

I've been teaching queer topics at German universities for years and am happy to share my insights with you.

Die Freie Rednerin Cora steht auf einer Wiese, die von zwei Baum-Alleen gesäumt ist und schaut in ein Buch. The Life Cycle Celebrant, Cora, is standing on a meadow bordered by two avenues of trees, looking into a book.
Cora und ihre Partnerin Carina halten sich an den Händen. Über ihnen weht eine Pride-Flagge. Cora and their partner Carina are holding hands. A Pride flag flies above them.

Queer Group Trips

Do you want to go on a group trip with other people from the community?  Carina and I are currently planning our next trip! Write us for more information or visit our website.

Death Café

Death is part of life. Nevertheless, it's sometimes difficult for us to talk about it. At Death Café, we learn to speak about death. In the same way as we usually talk about everything else.


Death Café is not a grief support group. Instead, it helps to include death as a topic in everyday conversations. It addresses the LGBTIQ+ community and is not denominational, so that it is open for people of all religions.

Gestapelte Porzellan-Tassen stehen auf einer Spitzen-Tischdecke. Stacked porcelain cups are set on a lace tablecloth.
Die Event-Planerin steht mit einer Mappe vor einem Traubogen und lacht. The event planner is standing with a folder in front of a wedding arch and is laughing.

Your Events

Whether you're getting engaged, celebrating a birthday, planning a workshop, or hosting a corporate event: I'm happy to plan your other events, too. Let's talk about your ideas!

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