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What is a Welcoming Ceremony?

The picture shows a pregnant person in a creme colored flowing dress. They have long, brown, slightly curled hair. They are looking at their baby bump, smiling happily. schwangere Person mit cremefarbenem Kleid in Boho-Setting.

Maybe, you've already heard or read about a welcoming ceremony or baby welcoming ceremony. Maybe, you've even been invited to one. But so far, welcoming ceremonies are rather new and not that widespread. This circumstance might make it more difficult to imagine a welcoming ceremony. But: it also makes it easier to create your own traditions.

So: what could a welcoming ceremony be?

  • A welcoming of your child into your (chosen) family. Often, this happens within the first year of your child's life, but it doesn't have to. There's something very special about having children consciously participate in your celebration of them. And it can also serve as ...

  • ... an adoption ceremony. A ceremony can be particularly helpful to welcome an older child into the family after an adoption.

  • The foundation of a relationship between your child and individuals who are important to you. Many parents decide to appoint 'godparents' or 'honorary piblings' (siblings of parents). Usually, these honorary piblings assume a special role in the child's life.

  • The celebration of you as a family! And this can happen in a small, intimate ceremony or among everyone who is important to you.

What it's not.

  • A baptism. But the welcoming ceremony can be an alternative to a baptism. Similar to a baptism, this ceremony welcomes a child into a community, even though this community is not (or not entirely) religious.

As you can see: the welcoming ceremony basically celebrates your child and you as a family. And you decide how exactly this ceremony looks like.

This photograph was taken by Lovestories by Christina Cox during a portfolio day organized by Pattuska Weddings and Yasemin Schiffer Events. You'll find the entire list of vendors on my Instagram account.


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